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The future of G4

Andy Drummond

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What I am saying is:

Since Link have stopped any bug fixing on the Link G4- for many months now and by the comments given in the web presentation of the G4+. We will be very very lucky to get any of the MANY bugs on the 'Bug list' fixed.

My main problem is, If I decide to spent another $2k+ an purchase a G4+ now long is it going to be in support??

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Hi David - The new PCLink (V5.0.1) only supports G4+ ECUs. For G4 ECUs the current version is 4.9.8.

Hi Andy - PCLink version 4.9.6 fixed the vast majority of the bugs in G4, since then version 4.9.8 (released April 2013) has been released to address even more bugs. Yes, there are still some bugs present, but much less than before.

The first version of firmware for the G4 ECUs was released in September 2008, between now and then has not been a short period of time. G4+ is likely to be the current platform for a good period also.


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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the info, the bit that confused me was that PCLinkG4+ started with version numbers that follow almost directly on from PCLinkG4 rather than starting from version 1.0. Also, the wiring section in the help included info on the AtomG4. The other thing is that going through website going to http://www.linkecu.com/products/engine-management-ecus/g4plus-storm and clicking on Downloads takes you to http://www.linkecu.com/support/downloads/pclink-download/PCLinkG4 rather than PCLinkG4plus.

Is the AtomG4 going to evolve to the G4+ platform in the future?

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