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6 cylinder ECU

Jurgen Biggelaar

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A question relating to calibrating a speed sensor.

I have a speed sensor calibration number of 191

The Link reads a top speed of 330kmh,

where my GPS shows a maximim of 227kmh.


Is there a maths equation from these number to correctly calibrate the speedo reading?





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Hi Matt

If your calibration number is 191 and at 227kph your speed is reading 330kph then alter your cal number to -

191 x (330 / 227)

= 277.7


The full calculation for a speed sensor mounted on the gearbox tailshaft.

CAL# = pulses per 100m

= (Pulses per revolution x 100 x Diff ratio (eg 3.7) ) / wheel Diameter(m) x Pi


For example with 0.7m diameter tyre, 3.7:1 Diff, 4 pulses per revolution sensor

CAL# = (4 x 100 x 3.7) / (0.7 x 3.1416)

= 673 (pulses per 100m)


You will need to know the pulses per rev from your gearbox though. Google might be the best bet. It is always a round number though.



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