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link will not communicate with laptop

jason lebreton

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hello had a problem with my ecu sent it out for repairs the company check it reconfigured it and it still will not connect to lap tom com 1 is working the car spits and sputters but still will not start (never did) sent ecu for repairs because of a short circuit and would not start the car now i had repairs done got the ecu back and car wants to start but i cant configure it properly because it cant connect is there a possibility my serial adapter is toast if so is there a usb conversion i have a link plus g1 v14 for a subaru 2.0 or 2.5 thanks

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Not common for them to break but if you did something to it then it could be dead...  A tuning module is a hand held device that plugs into your ECU to tune it.  Only works on older G1 ECU's...  Check them out on the website.

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On Version 2.5 you have the option of going higher than com4 It should show all available com ports. So if you USB to serial converter lock in as com 5 this should be fine.


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