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Knockblock....noisy 0-5v


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I bought this so I could attempt to log knock via my ecu ( non Link ) Its on an LS1, and using both standard LS1 knock sensors mounted in the valley.. Through the headphones, all sounds well. Nothing untoward. When logging the 0-5v output, even with sensitivity turned right down, anything above 3000rpm, shows 5v all the way. Is this down to the knock sensors ?? Can they really make this much difference ? ( tried it on al freq settings, and it makes little difference ) Engine sound via headphones doesnt let me hear anything that I would say would cause this high voltage. It sounds perfectly normal to me.

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I would guess so, I ran toyota knock sensor on my knock link display and Knock block, and the Linkplus G1 i had looged knock numbers is the high 200's as normal, When I changed to a bosch sensor, I got high 80's as normal, and even decent knock would not bring up the first light on the knock display, So that would make me think, the different sensors have very different output characteristics.

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Ive tried a Bosch type....

Audibly....with the LS1, even at low volume, it was stil quite good.

Now with a pair of Bosch sensors ( mounted in slightly different spot...but anyway ) sensitivity at full whack, its quieter than the LS sensors at lowest setting.

As for logging the output. This is tricky. The voltage log does have small spikes, there is no detonation to be heard though. So I assume this is noise. Im not too keep to induce "knock" though to test it.

With sens at 8, I was still seeing some 5v events, but only really above 6500rpm. Im now down to sens 5, but havent had a chance to go WOT due to the weather. Damn rain.

if this calms down the trace to lower voltages, hopefully any knock spikes might appear bigger, if and when they happen.

I bought a pair of used sensors off a Volvo T5 via egay. The price the Link retailers were selling single sensors for....was a tad high. No offence, but no way was I paying that.

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