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comparison table Vi-pec and Link ECU's


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Due to the fact that Vi-Pec and Link are not competitors, it where nice to have a comparrision Table of the differant brand ecu's.

storm/V44 Extreme/V88

There are a lot of people in forum's saying Link and Vi-pec is no difference other than the name.

I think it's your interrest to clear this misunderstanding.

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Hi Ralf,

That is a good suggestion, I will pass it on. There are differences between the V44/Storm and V88/Xtreme.

One of the differences being that the Vi-PEC wire in ECU's are capable of Peak and Hold Injection and have access in their tuning software (VTS) to features not present in PCLink.

Also the V88 is capable of driving an E-throttle direct, where-as the Xtreme requires an E-throttle module.



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The parent company is actually Electronz and does both brands, The Vi-pec is the more expensive and as a result gets the extra functions and features.

The Silver extreme was at the price point of the V88, When we removed the functions we also dropped the price to match.

This resulted in much better sales.

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