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Bmw 328 triggers on 325 link?

andy tappenden

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Hello all


ive recently fitted a link g4 to a customers 328 E36

i have ect/tps/map/iat etc working but cant get rpm signal

as far as i can see on the diagrams the 325(m50 with bosch ecu)

uses vr(inductive/normal)crank sensors

however the 328(m52 with siemens) seem to use some hybrid hall/vr 5v sensor

i have tried all sorts to get it running in trigger settings but no rpm signal(car ran on stock ms41 m52 ecu)

from what i can make out according to bmw and autodata i have

red/yellow 5v live

yellow signal wire

and a brown -ve

any body come across this before?

am i better off fitting a m50/325 vr sensor?


Please help


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Hi Andy

Some BMW sensor had a signal applied to them and the ECU monitored the change as teeth went past.

If you can not get an RPM reading by changing the trigger settings to trigger 1 sensor type opto/hall and pullup turned on.

Then swapping to the M50 sensor will be the go.

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Right fitted m50 (inductive) 325 crank sensor.

wired brown trigger +ve.       Pin 1

yellow -ve(sensor ground).    Pin2

red yellow shield(shield ground). Pin 3

set reluctor in trigger 1 


level low.


still no rpm swapped +ve and -ve nothing

did have trigger yes on signal once but no rpm

have 2-3 volts ac across brown and yellow whilst cranking

It did seem odd though that when i connect -ve wire to ecu sig ground i lose the 2-3 volt ac


please help





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Right by fitting m50 crank sensor (sync off) i have rpm

i need to get the cam working though for Sequential

ive fitted a m50 cam sensor but have no voltage or signal.

is there a possibility the cams have a different trigger Wheel


ive even wired the crank into trig 2 and have signal yes to test circuit.





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