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Link KnockBlock & G4 Extreme for a 20B engine?

Adriano Chiro

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I have bought the knockblock kit & G4 extreme ecu.

The problem is the Knockblock has only two inputs for knock sensors. The engine i am running it with is a mazda 20B 3 rotor engine which has 3 knock sensors from factory.  Which i was wanting to have seperate self control over each rotor and detection.

How do i cover come this issuse?




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Hi Adrian,

You have a few different options, none of them are ideal:

1) Run the two outer sensors

2) Run the inner sensor

3) Connect all the knock sensor outputs and connect to one knock input.

The Knockblock and the Xtreme are both only designed to have two knock inputs. Probably option two is your best option.



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Hi Brad,

Yes, connecting the knock sensor like you described is correct. Make sure to use shielded cable and try to avoid running the cable along side high current wiring like HT, alternator, battery, ignition coil wiring.



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