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Base timing calibrate - Toyota 1JZ VVTi

Rahmat Nizam

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HI, I've been doing G4 Extreme installation on a 1JZ VVT-i,during setting up for 1st start up,the timing marks does not align with the ecu lock timing setup. I opened the calibrate > set base timing options but i cant adjust the trigger offset and ref timing. Is it intentionally locked? how to unlock it? Software version 4.9.1165,firmware 4.9.1,ecu basemap is modded map from Supra G4 plugin (trigger setup changed to 1JZ vvt-i,wasted spark) Thanks guys

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Hi again,

Once you enter the offset number, hit enter, the background of the offset number will change to blue. Then click done. Remembering to hit enter has caught me out a couple of times also :)

For the Ignition delay, this is because as the RPM increases, the ignition normally retards a little. This adjustment is to compensate for this. I recommend starting with it at zero and then increasing the engine RPM, use a timing light and see if the angle measured matches what PCLink says it should be. If not increase this adjustment little by little until they match well.



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