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Toyota Surf (4Runner) 3VZE V6 petrol?


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hi Guys,

I am making plans on upgrading my truck. It is just a hobby truck so please don't dive in about the pros and cons of the 3VZE engine. 

First question is it possible to remove the distributor and replace with some sort of trigger which could report the cam position to the ECU?

Second question is if I can do the above and theoretically convert the engine from group fire injection to sequential (injection and ignition) are there any power gains to be had? In relation to doing the conversion and extra $$$ spent on parts and better ECU.

Based on the above answers and that I will probably at a small turbo to the mix which ecu should I be looking at?

Cherrs Ian


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Hi loboone,

The answer to your first question is yes, but maybe costly to have manufactured unless a later engine version is available with a sync sensor.

So in your scenario you would obviously run a crank trigger and the old Distributor, you could remove the internals and manufacture a single tooth chopper and use either a mag reluctor sensor or hall effect sensor.

Using crank and cam reference will enable you to use full sequential fuel and ignition, obviously you will need coil on plug or remote coils.

As far as net power gains , there will be minor gains to be had, the big bonus is being able to tune each cylinder individually if need be.

You may also find nicer idle, cruise and transient qualities.

I would suggest a LINK STORM, as this will give you more inputs and auxillary outputs etc than the ATOM.

I hope this  is of some help.



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Hi Dave,

Thanks for that info. Pretty much as I thought. Lots of $$ for a little gain.

Correct me if I am wrong but can I just use the current distributor controlled by the Link ECU (presumably advance and dwell) for spark distribution and just wire the injectors separately for sequential fuel injection as the firing order is 1 through to 6 then maybe I can just use the crank sensor for the sequential fuel cycle?

Just a thought that all.

Cheers Ian

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Yep you could retain the distributor and run sequential fuel. With the ECU controlling both.

That distributor should have a 24Tooth trigger and a single tooth as well which is all we need.

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for that great news. I thought it mite be do-able but just needed some confirmation. Now all I need to do is get some wiring diagram for the LINK Fury (looks superb by the way) and figure out the conections for everything from current stock ecu to new Fury. I can't seem to find any manual or diagrams on the site anymore. Are they there or is it all in the PC Link software download these days?

Regards Ian

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HI Laurie,

Hopefully Loboone will come on and reply regarding how worth while it was. It is certainly possible to do the conversion to sequential injection. As Dave mentioned above, I think there will not be a lot of gain in power.


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