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g4 storm ecu with honda s2000 ignition coils


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I am a new owner of link g4 storm ecu and I want to use Honda ignition coils for my Peugeot 206 rc ewj4s engine with throttle bodies.(it goes about 9500 rpm).

I do not use a camshaft sensor and I can't put one.

Do i need to use igniter for these coils or they have them inside?

Do you have a better proposal for ignition coils with or without igniter in them?

Sorry for my bad english.:wub:




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You can use those coils you will just need to wire as wasted spark using only ignition drives 1 and 2.

They are a smart coils and will not require an external igniter.

They also use a conventional dwell signal so no need to change the spark edge from falling.

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Hi Jim,

According to what I can find out, the coils you have are used on k20a engines and have built in ignitors. When Simon says they require a falling spark edge he means set ECU Settings > Ignition > Ignition Setup > Ignition Main > Spark Edge to 'Falling'.


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Everything is working ok now, I just keep getting an rpm limit activated message even if I completely turn rpm limit off.

If I m helping car is starting ok and runs in idle but sounds like it is really reaches rpm limit although it reads 1650rpm max

Also trigger error is around 6...

If anyone can help I.would be thankful


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