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Change the default location for PCLink log files


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With the log files, it always looks to save to a default sub folder under the PClink install directory. Even if the last time you saved a log file was to somewhere else.

I had a look through the registry to see if there was any assigned folder for logs that I could change but seems it's maybe an internal setting in PClink currently.

Would be nice to have the option to save to an alternative location as I save all of my log files directly to drop box rather than locally.

Not a big deal but would be nice :)

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I save all of my log files to my one drive, then I have my car PC set to stay 'alive' for 15 minutes when I shut the car down in the garage, this gives time for the log files to upload for later viewing.
If the link software auto saved the log file to this folder it would be a much better option.

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