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Link Thunder 6 High frequency inputs


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I see that the new Link Thunder has 6 High frequency differential frequency or switching inputs suitable for ABS or turbo speed sensor.

I would use them with my ABS if possible. Can you tell me the maximum frequency they can use please, so I can verify that they go to a high enough frequency.

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Thanks. As I have 48 teeth on my ABS trigger wheels, does that work out at a max wheel speed of 135 rps for reading the ABS signal? If so, using a 2.1m wheel circumference that works out at around a max of 1000 kmh, which should be more then enough. :)

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Yep the frequency increase and that they are a differential input are the two differences.

Being a differential input means they can piggy back the signal with out impacting the other device connected to the same sensor.

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Hi @ all, 

Little late, but I hope I get a answer. 

Im this time set my extreme black in my car, a actually ask are, can I set the turbo speed (efr 6758 turbo) to an Di-in directly? 

I mean the sensor 5v measuring wire coming from the speed sensor. 

I now I have an 12blade compressor wheel.. 

Maybe anybody can help me

And sry my English is bad

Greetings Benny 

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