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block 2 hardware error


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have the error gone now but but have no spark have just recently replaced my  Mitsubishi J723T Ignition Control Module  $280 ouch and now it seems to have failed again this is less than 100 kms  i have run a ignition test and can here the igniter very faintly ticking away but am not getting any spark as its to weak does any one have any idea's please

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the block 2 error has gone now and today at lunch i had fitted a new icm and it fired straight up then stopped it was very hot to touch .tryed again tonight thinking it was shot fired up an ran but missed then stopped perhaps when its getting hot

tryed to attach a log file i ran but its too big  

spoke to nzefi said maybe crank signal set wrong but its set to falling and is a 3 channel mitzi igniter so i think this is correct they also mentioned the the signal and igniter shouldn't have 12 volts to it while ignition on and no engine running i have 12 volts to it continuous with key active ?

have also heard mention of firmware issue earlier also ?

my first replacement igniter wad $280 lasted less than a month net one 5 minutes lol but was only $90 im only a poor plumber and cant keep this up lol

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Crank signal edge will not effect the igniter, it could affect the ignition timing timing.

The Spark edge will however have an effect. If the spark edge is wrong the igniter will get hot at the point the key is turned on and engine not running.

If the spark edge is correct the igniter should stay cold.

If there were non resistive plugs (in wasted spark) , a HT lead that had broken or a coil internally arcing could all cause an igniter failure.

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