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Inlet LH/Signal Error: EXTRA PULSES EVO IX


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Hello!, I am from Spain, I have a Evo IX RS with LINK G4 and I am starting in this world....

I have vievew that I have in the VVT menu the Error Counter because there are extra pulses.



Then, I have make the test of the pulses of the trigger and tell me the following with (6 Pulses), (42.7º).


Then, I have changed the offset and the counter increase another one..



And I have make a video in youtube with 40º and then with 42.7º, and if you view that, the solenoid make 100% and the position don´t move...



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as far as what the camshafts are doing in relation to target tables and duty cycles applied are all irrelivent until you fix the CAM SENSOR ERRORS.

I have no EVO experience, try changing the sensor to falling instead of rising and see how it effects the ERRORS.



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I noticed in the photos above that you have DI 1 set to Inlet /LH. However you also have Trig 2: VVTi set to Inlet / LH.

You should only have one of these set to Inlet /LH. On our EVO 9 plug-in ECU a digital input is used for Inlet /LH position and the Trig 2: VVTi is set to OFF.


Hi Scott!!!

Thank you for the information, today I have modify the map in my EVO setting OFF the VVTi "trig 2" and the error pulses don´t up the counter..


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6 hours ago, juliusge said:

hi, i also have this strange extra pulses error, got the offset on 47 but strange error extra pulse counts happening when hit full throttle.

Did you do the cam angle test to confirm the offset?  Can you attach a copy of your tune file.

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