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Link G4 and Auditrigger 135teeth - how is that working?


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after getting a little deeper into the Link G4, I am glad to see that Link G4 seems to support the OEM 135 teeth Auditrigger.

I read the configuration of the auditrigger in Link help.  I also squeezed the search function here about this.

Now I have a question.

The OEM Auditrigger ist working with two reluctor sensors for the engine speed/crankhome (G28 (135th) / G4 (1Pin)) and one hall sensor (G40) for the camshaft position.

I found the configuration for a 135th auditrigger in PCLink.

But in Link there is only a configuration for one of the two OEM Audi reluctant sensors. Seems to be the engine speed sensor (G28), which is reading the 135teeth.

But whats about the crank home relucant sensor G4? How is Link getting the right TDC of the crankshaft without crank home sensor? In OEM TDC (G4) and Hall window (G40) are also used to get the right ignition phase for full sequenzial ignition/injection and cylinder selective knock control.

Link has two Trigger inputs - one for crankshaft one for camshaft but OEM Audi needs 3 (2 for crankshaft)

How is that working in Link? Am I missing something?

best regards


Hallgebersignal = G40
Zündzeitpunktsignal (TDC) = G4
Drehzahlsignal (rpm) = G28


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The Link ECU is able to use only two sensors. The sensor on the crank trigger pattern tells the ECU where it is in 360 degrees of crank rotation. The sensor on the cam tells the ECU where it is within 720 degrees of crank revolution. With these two pieces of information the ECU is able to determine the engine position.

A timing light is used to set the base position in the ECU, there by referencing TDC number 1 to the trigger pattern of the engine.

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You just use the G28 (trig1) and G40 (trig2). Works like a charm:)


Are you using this in a high power S2 engine application ? (I am sure in Norway there are no S2 with oem power :-D )

Adjustable camgear and sprocket?

How do you ensure that the big hall window matches 100% to TDC of the crank? Strobe the flywheel and adjust the shift of the hall window on the camshaft?

thanks for reply :-)

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I dont know what you define as high power application, but have done 600whp+. All the engines I have tested seems to have a very stable ignition when ignition is locked and tested with a timing/strobe gun. Adjustable camgear also work just fine. Just remember to sync timing with strobe after you adjust the cam gear. The Link ecus are not like many other ecus there you have to get the sync within a certain angle:) Just wire up, set the correct sensors in software (trig1 reluctor, and trig2 hall and use the recommended arming voltage), put a timing gun on cyl 1, lock ignition in software, disconnect injectors (either manually or in software) and crank. Adjust offset in software until timing on crank pulley matches timing in software. Do a store. Connect injectors and fire up. Also a timing check once more when running, and finally, adjust ignition delay, so the timing is stable at high rpm as well (normally timing retarding in higher revs when setup incorrectly).

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