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Sensor grounds and +5 volt splicing


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I'm running the Thunder and have alot of pressure and temp sensors. Is there a right or wrong way when grouping sensors?

I was looking at keeping all the high priority sensors together like TPS, MAP, IAT, ECT, fuel and oil pressure on the same sensor ground/+5 volt pins. Then using plug D for the other pressure and temp sensors.

Also when wiring in a external pull-up resistor for AnVolt temperature sensors I take it you need a resistor for each temp sensor and can not group them together. Like one pull-up resistor for two temp sensors. 


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The way you are intending to wire the +5V and signal ground will work fine. Generally it is a good idea to distribute the sensors evenly between the +5V and signal ground pins. This means that if a problem occurs with one pin not all the sensors will fall over.

You will want one pull-up resistor per temp sensor when using An Volt channels.

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