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Wiring for Subaru MAF


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Hey guys, I recently bought a used car and it came with a G4 link ecu.  I must say I am very happy with this ECU.  I am having 2 issues though hopefully you guys can help.

I am running a V4 swap. I have loaded the Subaru V3/V4 storm base map.  The car runs but I am getting 2 codes. 1 for the MAF and 1 for the NB Oxy sensor.

I have found the wiring info for the NB Oxy sensor so that's fine.

But I cannot for the life of me find the wiring info for the MAF sensor. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


I want to make sure everything is wired correctly into the ecu as far as the maf goes but I can't do that without knowing which wires from the MAF go to what pins on the G4 ecu.


Thanks in advance for any help.  

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Hi thanks for the reply.  I planned on using both to tune.  Right now I have no MAF and no working O2 signal so this worries me a bit cause I have no idea how the ecu is delivering the right amount of fuel.


My MAF is the orange subaru MAF it's a plastic housing.

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pinout for the V3-4 plugin is in the help file, the MAF is on AN Volt 2 input which is pin 56 (6th pin along the top row on the 22 pin ECU plug), check with a multimeter if that pin in the loom has continuity through to one of the wires in your maf plug.

The V3-4 basemap has a MAF configured, but it is not used for any of the fuel calculations.  The fuel equation is set to MAP, the AFR target table load axis is MAP and the fuel table uses MGP for load which is also derived from the MAP sensor.

If you want to get rid of the error code, simply set AN Volt 2 to "Off"

I'd be checking the loom to ensure the previous owner hasn't wired the inputs used for the MAF and narrowband to use something else more useful like a wideband or oil/fuel/etc  pressure sender.

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Hey guys thanks for the replies. I hooked up a LC-2 O2 sensor today and everything seems to be working fine. So i guess the NB sensor was faulty good riddance. I have also decided to forget about getting the MAF working although it does kind of bother me that it's just not working I've even swapped it out with another i know works and still nothing but whatever not a big deal. 


JMP question for you sir I am looking at the help file right now in the wiring section and I see Storm Header Pinout and it shows only one connector that has 34 pins. I'm confused. How do you know AN volt 2 is on pin 56 and how do you know which plug is the 22 pin plug.

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Thanks Scott that helped. I'm looking at the pinouts now and I'm trying to find the one for Expansion 2 (+5V Out)


It's under other connections and they don't have any pin numbers assigned to them.  What am I missing here?  I just bought a 4 bar map I'm trying to install it but I need a 5V output from the ECU.


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Hi, the expansion connectors do not come through the main ECU connector, they are white 8 pin connectors on the bottom printed circuit board of the ECU.

We sell expansion connectors that can be plugged into the connectors. 

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