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No trigger scope reading but RPM and no trig errors?


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I'm working on a 1jz non-vvti swap that wont start and has some inconsistent issues.  The engine, harness, ecu... basically the entire electronics have been removed from another car that was written off in a front end collision, so anything is possible i'd say. 


 The Crank angle sensor is wired into trig 1, defined as reluctor.  The CAS is wired into the rear sensor on this 1jz (there are two) and configured as sync cam level.

The RPM reads about 180 when cranking.  The trigger 1 and trigger 2 signal indicators light up green and there are no trig errors (counter shows 0 after cranking any amount of time).  Percentage FCut and percentage ICUT indicate a value of 100 when cranking and 0 when not (I searched and could not find any sort of engine protection that would cause this in every single tab).  I can trigger all 6 injectors with the test mode in the tuner software.  MAP, TPS, IAT, ECT ALL read values that make sense.

I also noticed that the left column where all the ignition and injection outputs are listed, none of them say ON when cranking.  they all say OFF.

I have attached a picture of the trigger scope readings during cranking.  It seems the signals are very erratic and poor according to the scope, which doesnt make sense since the RPM is reading properly and no trigger errors.  Any ideas what may be wrong with this setup? 




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Sounds like ECU hold power or maybe the anti-theft function.  Check no digital inputs are assigned to anitheft and read help about ecu hold power function so you can make sure that is set up right.

Edit: Actually just noticed in your screen shots above ECU hold power is active so that your problem.

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added hold power
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