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4g63 cam sensor / igntion timing


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If it is an Evo 1-3, you can not move the cam timing for the inlet cam without sync timing again, as both "crank" (trig1) and cam (trig2) are mounted in the back of the intake cam. Adjusting exhaust cam dont affect timing.

The newer Evo 4 and upwards do have the crank sensor on the crank where it should be, and will not affect timing when moving cam gear:)

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Simon, how far can we move before it started to affect sync?

the reason i ask is because i am using an evo8 cam in evo3, the evo8 cam key slot is out by 45 degree retarded when the cam timing in correct position. i did not make a new slot for cam sensor.

trig1 is on the crank so no problem there.

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I'm not sure.

The test will be if you get RPM reading without trigger errors.

As long as there are no trigger errors you will be able to adjust for any timing shift by doing a timing calibration and adjusting the offset.

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Simon, i crank the engine for the first time today. the timing light does not line up with the locked timing at 0 btdc.

i tried to adjust the trigger offset but still could not get it to line up.

do you think the cam sensor trigger 2 is too far off?

trigger 1 is on the crank itself so no problem there.

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For a totally stock set up it should be very close to 0.

But if you have moved the CAS then it could be different from this.

If typing in an offset make sure you hit enter after typing in the number for it to take effect.

Don't forget you can move the offset negative.




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