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G4+ ECU questions


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I'm in the progress of choosing a standalone ECU for my Toyota 3SGTE engine. Basically the engine has upgraded turbo and need to cope with much larger amount of fuel and air.

I'm looking for a ECU which is able to support dual fuel map switching with a flip switch, as well as capability to control a (much) larger flow external fuel injector besides the stock ones. I'm wondering could Link G4+ Atom able to do these? if not, what is the model that's recommended?


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Thanks Simon. For the additional sub-injector, I plan to use a single unit of large-flow one. As for this injector to work with G4+, do we normally use an Aux. output with PWM to control it? The ECU will then output a boost or throttle signal to the output? (sorry that I'm still new to standalone ECU tuning).


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IF you go for an ECU with more than 4 injector drives you could set the 5th injector up as a staged injector or as an additional with simple mS control based of RPM and load.

Most would just go to 4 larger injectors in the stock location and not use a 5th injector.


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