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Subaru I88 V10 plug-in DI11 input?


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Hello, I have a Subaru I88 V10 plug-in for my 2004 USDM STi, and I need another Digitial input.  The help file does not show which wire in the expansion connector to use for DI11.  I see DI11 in the inputs, just need to know what wire to use.  Thanks!


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You don't say if you have the 2004-06 or the 2006-07 model V10 plug-in ECU. Because your vehicle is USDM 2004 i'm guessing the 2004-06. Here is the expansion connector pinout for this ECU:

V10 expansion.PNG

Despite what the text says ANV12 is on the pin shown in the diagram. I will ask for the text to be corrected.

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On ECU schematic version 1.0 and 1.1 (one of which you have I believe) the 4 pin expansion connector has AN V11 and the 8 pin expansion connector does not. However, starting on schematic version 1.2 the 4 pin expansion connector was removed from the ECU and AN V11 was moved to the 8 pin expansion connector. When I posted the 8 pin expansion connector above I did not know which version of the ECU you had.

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