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S13 sr20det running on two cylinders


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Rite I've got a 91 s13 sr20det just installed a g4+ s15 ecu set it all up and every thing checks out .we set timing up and trigger offset now it will start but only running on two cylinders .do I need to swap jumpers on board and /or swap ignition wires 1 and 2 .any ideas cheers

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Now it will be a case of using the ignition test and injector test functions. With this you can check each drive and hopefully isolate the problem coils or injectors.

Also check the firing order is correct in the ECU set up.

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does it work fine on the stock ECU?

I did a SR recently where it was running really poorly, turned out it had lifters which wouldn't bleed down and were holding valves slightly open, verified with a compression test and then leakdown test.

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