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Xtreme G4 to Fury G4+ .pcl transfer


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Hey guys. Just been in the process of swapping ecus, from my old Link G4 Xtreme (Red) to my new G4+ Fury.

My question is, is there an easy way to transfer over my current maps from the older G4 software, to the newer G4+ ? As the older .pcl files will not open in the newer G4+ software.

Am I going to be limited to opening both PC Link versions side-by-side on my laptop, and transfer each setting/table manually? Or is there an easier way?



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Yes you can convert the map.  You need the new ecu powered up and connected to PClink G4+, then it will allow you to open/load up your old map, it will convert automatically.  Be sure to check all sensors and new tables are reading sensible.  Especially tables like short pulse width adder.

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Right, got the new Fury installed, double checked all the pin-outs and no worries there.

Powered up, unlocked and Firmware updated to the latest V5.6.2.

Tried to upload my .pcl file while online, and was met with this error message, and still no file uploaded. Help?


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Hey Scott, received your files back but was met with the exact same prompt when I tried to upload the pcl.

So I went about the issue in a round-about way. Downgraded the firmware back to 5.7, which then let me open my old pcl file. Saved that file as "Map5.7". Then re-installed the latest firmware, and uploaded "Map5.7" which it then recognised, and was happy to play ball.

Just going through the configuration now to check for any differences.

Many thanks for the help!

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