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car wont start


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Well you got RPM. No trigger errors. The injector outputs are triggered. Fuelpump output turns on.

I would look for wet plugs, actual spark at the plugs, signal to the injectors (injectors are clicking or not when tested?), and fuelpressure (output is triggered but is the pump actualy running).

You have a testfunction for coils and injectors in the software.

You could also check timing with a timinglight but this should not be sceewed if it was ok before.

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I dont see much wrong in your log either.  ECU seems to be doing everything it should, most sensors are giving realistic numbers and the trigger seems happy. 

If you have a spark at the plugs then I would be starting to look at mechanical stuff now.  Maybe cam belt has skipped some teeth etc.  Start with a compression test.

A couple of things I noticed in your log that I will mention; battery voltage is low during cranking and cranking RPM is low.  ~9.8V & ~145RPM. Normally that wouldnt be a problem but sometimes with fouled plugs etc you need better than that, maybe battery is getting low?  The TPS stays at zero throughout your log - that might be just because you never touched the throttle or perhaps it isnt working.  It wont hurt to double check this is working since your main fuel table is TP based.

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