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1Uzfe VVTI cam sensor

Steve Bull

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The cam position sensors on my 1uzfe vvti aren't being picked up on my ECU. I have them wired from D1 and D2 on the ECU to sensor and then from the sensor to shielded earth.


I notice  the setting on the ECU that the pullup resister  was off, on D1 and D2.  Should this be on or should there be power going to the cam sensor.



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Yes the Digital window states both D1 and D2 VVT  Cam Position OFF. The engine runs it just show the fault.  On the Digital Inputs  D1 and D2 on the ECU setting the pullup resister  is off and that is normally when the sensor have a 5/8 or 14 volt input. 

I looked at the: 

Navigation:  Wiring Information > Input Signal Wiring >

Digital Input Wiring


and it shows that the pullup resister should be "on" if the sensor is earthed.


Or am i reading it wrong.

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Hi Steve,

Have a check of the VVT tab of the runtime values window and see what the status of each cam is and what the reported position for each cam is.

We have a 1UZ-FE VVT engine as a dyno test engine and on that we have the pullup resistors switched off and the active edge to falling.

If you do the VVT Cam angle test do you get any results showing on the VVT tab of the Runtime Values Window?


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