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Piggy Back ECU Config


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Yes you can do this.

Any signal that is shared and requires a pull up should only have the pullup active on one of the units. So for triggers if it is a Opto/Hall signal then the Link ECU should have the pullup turned off.



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The ignition and injection would only be connected/controlled by the G4+.  The stock ECU would not be connected to inj or ign at all.

In Piggy back Mode????

If Link G4+  Connect direct to INJ/IGN only it call stand alone??

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To give a little more info...

There are many different scenario's or reasons for a piggy back type install but typically it is done where the aftermarket ECU cannot properly control or duplicate some function that the OEM ecu has.  This would most commonly be features such as automatic transmission control, cruise control/DBW, or CAN comms to other modules in the vehicle such as the instrument cluster.  

The OEM ecu would typically only be left with the bare minimum function it needs to control, all other engine control will be done by the aftermarket ECU.  The problem with many modern OEM ECU's is they have many saftey and diagnostic strategies built in that detect when for instance the injectors are disconnected.  This means the installer needs to be very familiar with how the OEM system works so he can work out a method to "fool it" into thinking everything is connected and happy.  Piggyback installs are often very difficult to get right and should only be attempted by a very competent installer.

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