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RB26DETT R33 GTR Skyline


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Car r33 GTR tuned on Link G4+ ECU

I tested a new tuner lately and i am sure i hear the engine knockings under hard accelerations on full boost. I dont know what is going on. He confirmed this also that this sounds like engine knockings. Sounds like droping lots of metal small balls on the table for a one second (not all the time, and not on every gear). He claims also that the problem my be also with engine parts not the map itself. I have changed lately evertyhing about ignition (sparkplugs, spitfire coils and also the ignition wires ) 

Also my car is running good on my old maps ( without any knockings ) This maps were made by the first shop where i bought the ECU Link G4+ . The problem is that i dont work any more with that shop and they put the password on this maps so i am not able to see any settings. I paid them for the maps about 500 euro and have no access to my good maps.;/

So now i am strugling with my new tuner to get a higher boost on new maps and this knocking sounds just worrying me  a lot. By the way i paid him another 500 euro for new maps without password protection. Actually i run my old maps to not damage my engine. I can go to him on the summer and try to make any corrections but i dont know if he knows what the F... he is doing with my car. Also need to drive to him 500km both ways.

I have an access to this new maps with knocking sounds. Can anybody please look at my setting and screen shots and tell me what can be wrong? I can send this map over email.

My friend (new tuner ) specializes in drift cars and he rebuilds also Rb25DET engines for race cars. This is why i am very surprise by this outcome.

Actually i have no place to go with my car and i need a higher boost for 2017 season. Can try to hit next tuner ( the 3rd one) on the summer but he never tuned any cars on Link G4+. ;/ At least he told me he got a knocking engine sound detector. The other tuner (the 2nd one) never used this detector before on my engine.



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My gas pump is DW300 and also i have modified  fuel injectors for Siemens ones, probably 650cc.This guy who tuned my car has very good reputation with 10 years of experience in Skyline engines so i trusted him. The strange thing about it is that during the tuning process we did not hear any  knockings before but when i got home...especially when i was driving during the nights on lower temperatures. My map is attached in the file, thanks for any advice.


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The Nissan CAS can be a bit problematic and cause the timing to scatter, most recommend switching to a 24+1 trigger disc inside the CAS, I think the problem is worse if there is a bit of slop in the timing belt, or the o-ring on the CAS snout is worn or loose.

Also I cant see any attachments, did you upload your map?

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Hi Tomak,
it is not uncommon to have your engine tuned on the dyno and then in some street driven applications induce knock or detonation.
It is almost impossible to tune every single load cell in both fuel and ignition tables with fine resolution or course and get it perfect.
The dyno is a tuning tool and we are trying to replicate the loads etc the engine may see whilst driving around.
The courser the tune less load cells also leads to more ECU interpolation where this can lead to DET issues.
All RB engines are fitted with knock sensors standard and can be used successfully to tune for knock retard along with the LINK ECU's.
The engine needs to be checked for basic things first such as heavy carbon fouling due to poor overly rich tuning, sparkplug heat range to hot etc etc etc.
Remove your sparkplugs and inspect the porcelean and the centre electrode and ground strap.
There may also be ignition modifiers in the tune that are not set correctly or simply the timing table is just incorrect.
At the endof the day it needs to be fixed or it will fail.

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