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GP Output Question


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Quick question regarding GP output

Using a GP output to run the cooling fans on a drift car , ECU is always powered up once battery cut out is on so the fans still run once the motor is turned off (also running electric water pump)

What we want to do is to be able to run the fans via  push button switch to run the fans as this clears the drivers compartment very quickly of tyre smoke.

Trying to under stand how to use a DI Value1 as SW cond3 on the below GP Output set up



I know we can go Switch Logic  Cond (1 and 2) Or 3  but the using an digital input as Sw Cond 3 is puzzling me.


Any help please thanks





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That was just an example.


Switch Condition 3  "DI Value 1 = ON"

means it will turn the Output "ON" when a digital input is "ON".


"DI Value = ON" (last line in my example)

is where you enter the number of the Digital Input.


So if you have the switch on DI 10, last line value would be 10.


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