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G4+ Evo8/9 Plugin - XS Loom Digital Inputs for Ethanol Sensor


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Hi Guys,

I believe I have read over everything and know the answer to this already, but I would like to confirm it before I go ahead.

Am I correct in my understanding that the two Digital Inputs available on the Expansion Loom ports of the G4+ plugin are both unable to read an Ethanol Content Sensor?? It says on your help file that only Digital Inputs 1-8 are capable of this but all of these are taken up/occupied by the factory harness and not available on the expansion loom.

From what I have gathered, I need to splice the ethanol content sensor into one of the connections on my factory harness that relates to one of those 8 digital inputs (probably my clutch switch at this point unless there is a wire for the Cam Angle Sensor that doesn't exist on DI 1). Is this correct? Just making sure there is absolute necessity before I go snipping factory loom wires. 

Just wanted to make sure there wasn't any tricks for "virtualising" the digital inputs so they went to a different channel (so that I could for example assign my physical Digital Input 9/10 to the ECUs Digital Input 1 (which is not used because I dont have MIVEC).


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Without looking I don't know if you can use an alternative XS input for this sensor, but if the manual says you can't then that's more than likely the case.

The ECU pins are available in the US new from SpoolinUp (Matt is a great guy to deal with and posts internationally) or you can go to the scrap yard and find a vehicle you can cut the plugs out of to re-use the pins? They're pretty easy to pop out and re-locate as necessary. 

DI 1  could be used given that you don't have MiVEC and if you're not fussed about the Auto IC spray so could DI2, as I suspect DI1 won't have a wire in it if you've an 8? 


Hope that helps- but I think all I've done is reinforce what you already know!? :) 

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Thanks for the responses guys.

@adturb - Thanks for the info. I did find not long back that spoolinup sell the pins and plugs which was very exciting (considering you cant get them via Digikey/Mouser anymore). Nice to hear that re-locating the pins in the plugs isnt too big of a deal. With that said, I dont know where I sit with the idea of waiting 3-4weeks for shipping!

I have yet to properly inspect the DI 1 location, but when I had a quick look early this week it seemed that there was actually a wire in that position. If that is the case, I assume they used the same loom at the factory and just didnt terminate that wire on the engine side. Hope to have a good look over the weekend.

@Brad Burnett - Great suggestion. Re-locating one of the I/C Switch inputs sounds like a better option than the clutch switch. Thanks for the idea. Im basically trying to keep my "stock loom impact" to a minimum. Changing one of the IC Spray switches shouldn't stop anything working if a factory ECU goes back in provided I disconnected the Ethanol sensor beforehand. 



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I've talked to Simon on this.  I was getting an error on DI8, so checked my power feeds which were good.  My signal wire looked good, so I changed the DI to DI5 and it worked straight away.  Simon said he tried it on the bench this morning and got the same result as me, error when trying to use DI8.

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