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G4+ EvoLink9 - Ignition Mode (CoP Kit)


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Hi Guys,

Newbie question here but wanting a confirmation so I dont break anything...

I have an aftermarket M&W CoP Kit as seen here (http://www.gtpumps.com.au/ down the bottom. the Denso kit) on my Evo8 which was running along quite happily on the stock ECU. My understanding is that if it was running off the stock ECU, it has to be running in a wasted spark configuration rather than direct spark and that I should configure it as such on the new Link ECU? Do any of the "base map" ignition settings need to be changed to accommodate for them correctly or will they behave fine as is?

I assume the dwell times are different from factory too. I found most people referencing very similar numbers to the following for Toyota Denso coils even though they were not the EXACT same model as mine (damn close)

8V 6.3 ms

9V 5.3 ms

10V 4.4 ms

11V 3.8 ms

12V 3.2 ms

13V 2.7 ms

14V 2.4 ms

15V 2.2 ms

Confirmation on this would be great too.



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You will need to rewire the coils and shuffle a few wires around to get direct spark on an evo 9.  IGN3 is currently controlling the fuel pump and IGN4 controls the AC fan.  You would have to move those wires to some other aux outputs and run new wires from those pins up to the coils. 

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Thanks for the quick reply Adamw.

Would you place those steps as a necessity or a luxury for better control?? If I were to leave it in its current configuration (wasted spark) and set the dwell times to suit the current coils, would I be able to tune it acceptably? Or do I have to rewire things and get direct spark working?

It suits me to maintain factory wiring at this point because I can swap to the other ECU when I have to drive the car (taking my time with the project). Rewiring coils will definitely delete that convenience so I might need to change my plans if that is the case. 

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If you have had it up and running on the stock ECU then no wiring changes will be needed. And our unit will happily run it this way in wasted spark.

You can still adjust the dwell times to suit the coils as required.

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