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Clutch switch launch control


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Hi guys have set up a clutch switch for launch control but it seems to stay active when driving after intial launch I have my arming set at 4 seconds  I have tried to check switch mounting adjustment but as the switch only moves like 10mm there isn't really any room to move it

Any idea's  


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If you watch DI8 status in the runtimes as shown below does it turn off after launch?  Does it seem to switch on/off in a reasonable pedal position (i.e not at the very top in the free play region)?

If you have a wheel speed input there are a couple of other tricks you could do so that it will only be active when car is not moving.


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I am also trying to set up the clutch switch for launch control but on a Plugin ecu on an RB25 skyline.  The functionality i understand ... but i dont seem to have a clutch switch input pre-wired.  The switch is fitted to the car but does not seem to be connected to a digital input.  Do i need to re-wire into a currently fitted input? or is there an input in there for the clutch switch already that needs activating?


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On our pin information we only have a neutral switch input on Di8 it could be possible that on a manual it is connect to the clutch switch. Other wise it will be a case of running this through to a free Di input.


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