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Changeing map sensor


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Only problem I foresee, is that the Maf wiring doesn't have a 5v ref in it.  It uses 12v from the eccs relay.

Other than that, the swap is pretty straight forward.  Just turn off the internal and set up the external. 

Don't forget to recalibrate the map sensor and store.

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As Brad says above the MAF connector is not the easiest option as you will have a find a 5V source from somewhere else.

The easiest option is to buy the expansion harness which has the three wires you need.  If you want to use the MAF connector then probably the easiest place to get 5V from will be the TP sensor. 

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Hi checked and the wireing from the old afm is 5v so can use that now how would I change over from internal to external cheers

As Brad and I have already said above, there is no 5V supply at the standard MAF connector.  There is a 0-5V "output", but not a 5V regulated power supply.


I've read u can fit a internal 7 bar map sensor is this poss and who would I get to do it any recommendations local to midlands thanks 

It would need to come back to us in New Zealand to have a 7Bar internal sensor fitted.  Your easiest/cheapest options are those given post #4 above.

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