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driving to mappers on base map?


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Hi guys,

Right I've got my car running on a link g4+ plug in for my st205 celica. I have changed a few things like fitted a caldina intake manifold, larger injectors and a hybrid turbo. I had an issue with a faulty idle control valve so now I have it idling on the stop screw till I can source a new iscv.i have asked a couple of people about driving the car to a mappers and i'm getting conflicting information from doom and gloom to end of the world.

I originally thought that if I adjust the master fuel setting so that the car is running safe fuel (1.00 lambda) on idle and tweak the low boost and cruise areas of the fuel map so that the car doesn't run lean and even reduce the rev limit that I would be ok to drive my car to the mappers about 30 miles away. obviously keeping an eye on the wideband as I go.

I've only had confusing and conflicting information from the people I have asked about this so I thought i'd ask here.

Are the base maps that bad I would be stupid to do this or is the guy that's suggested they are that bad the stupid one.

The wideband I am using is an AEM X connected via can using genuine looms and the info on the gauge matches what is displayed on the laptop so i'm confident its correct.

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I've fitted 850cc top feed injectors, so I was going to get it idling to lambda 1 then take it for a gentle drive and see how it's running and if all is well nurse it to the mappers. If I can it won't see positive boost lol. 

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I would also be quite happy to drive it easily on the base map.  One thing I would strongly suggest you check first however is the base timing - since this engine uses a distributor there is a good chance there is more than typical trigger offset error.


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