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Problem with ignition cut


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I have a problem with my car, a nissan 200sx s13 with a ca18det running a Link g4+ storm blue. It cuts the ignition(i think) when it reaches a certain rpm. First with the stock Cas (360 degrees) it would cut @ 4000rpm when in gear and around 5000rpm when in neutral standing still, i had a local tuner look at it and they said it was missing the trigger and suggested i change to a 24-1 dirc inside the cas instead, said and done. I change the trigger to multi tooth and calibrate the ignition timing with a light and it works fine. starts right up and runs good, i let it get warm and then i try and rev it, 6000rpm standing still, no problem so i decide to take it for a spin and it revs to 4500rpm and then it cuts and wont rev higher. (if your need more info about the car/engine just ask) i'll attach the MAP and the LOGs of the 2 testruns i did. . Any ideas? :)

Frans 200sx s13 ca18det.pclr

Frans 200sx Test 1, cut at 4000-4500rpm.llg

Frans 200sx Test 2, cut at 4000-4500rpm.llg

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I dont see too much signs of trigger error in either log.  In "test 1" the dwell is a bit wobbly in a couple of areas which could indicate the trigger is not perfect but that effect is only very intermittent and I dont see it get worse with RPM etc.  There are no limiters or "cuts" being activated at all.  However, to be thorough, it would be worth doing a trigger scope at idle so we can check the edges look ok?

I suspect the problem is external - Maybe ignition system?

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How do i do a trigger scope? i might be blind but i cant find the option.

I'm using ngk bcpr7es plugs and the "yellow jacket coil packs" controlled directly by the ecu, maybe thats the problem? Maybe i should rebuild it with VAG coils instead?

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The trigger 1 signal is not pulling to ground fully I would check the ground to the CAS is 100% and maybe try another CAS

But I more lean towards it being something else outside of the ECU as in the first logs there is no sign of a trigger issue or any limit / cut being applied by the ECU



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