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2 unrelated problems: Log Analysis appears as a blank white space and Knock System now generating zeros

Howard Coleman

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after working fine until today all i get is white space where my Log Analysis should appear. i believe i have tried just about everything. after clicking on and calling up a specific log in spite of seeing a blank white space i am able to do a Mixture Map and Navigator. the Parameters appear.

also, my two Knock Sensors (newer style Bosch 2 rotor motor) stopped generating anything but zeros a couple of days ago. since each stopped at the same time i am concerned that something malfunctioned in my V88. settings have been verified "Internal"

would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


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Post a log and your map and I will take a look.

Can you give more detail about your problem "all i get is white space where my Log Analysis should appear".  Do you mean the time plot and other logging views are missing - or are the views still there just no data showing?

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Thank you for your reply.

i tried to post a jpeg of the screen unsuccessfuly however it is easy to describe.

Logging 1 page is entirely blank. no time data, absolutely nothing but white.  when i right click on it i get "New View." with a number of options starting w Run Time Value List, which leads to Run Time Value List Properties. other items are Digital Gauge etc.

if i go back to Logging and click Play and look over at my  Parameter List i see all the data moving but nothing but white on the Logging part of the page.

my V88 has worked fine (love it) and this is something that just happened Friday. i have attached a log


Log 1-11-17 3;22;45 pm.llg

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You log works ok for me so it sounds like you have possibly deleted some of the views from your layout.  I dont know how customized you layout was but I will attach copies of the default ones.  You can place these into this folder:  C:\ViPEC\VTS V2\Layouts




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THANK YOU ADAM! i don't know what i did to delete the log view but your new Layout solved my problem. i wish you a wonderful Monday:)

do you have any ideas as to why my Knock readings are zero from both sensors? previously they were reading fine. i have two late model Bosch sensors and am of course running Link/Vipec internal.

thank you,




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Hi Howard

Looking at the map I think the issue is that you have Cyl1 and 2 Knk Level Gains at 0

I would put these at 1 and adjust as required to get suitable levels and even across the cylinders.







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