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EVO 4-8 plug in oddity

Grant Baker

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Hi there,
Got an EVO IV-VIII plug in here (brand new) with an odd issue.

It's an EVO 7 with an EVO 6 loom (odd I know!)
Aux 4 (pin 11) I’ve set to boost solenoid as I always do, but it’s not actuating the solenoid. On further investigation it seems that nothing I do to the AUX 4 output makes any difference – it’s constantly giving out 5V.
So I swapped the solenoid to Aux 2 (Pin 57) and that didn’t work either! Nothing I do on that Aux does anything at all and it’s constantly at 10V!
Any ideas?

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Aux 4 is no longer wastegate solenoid in the Evo4-8, maybe you have got caught by loading an old "pre-ethrottle" map into the newer "e-throttle" capable plugin.  Ign 6 is the Aux connected to pin 11/waste gate. 

Aux 2 can go to either Pin 55 or pin 57 depending on the position of Jumper #2.   If its in Evo4-7 position then it should drive pin 55, if it is Evo 8 position then it will drive pin 57. 


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Would be good if you can pack a additional paper to the ECU package, to get sure customers are aware. Because such things means always diagnosis time for us tuners which nobody want pay for. Think is a much easier task from your side to pack a letter to the ECU, which descrips the situations that the pinout will be updated only on the next firmware release. 

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Just a FYI:

We have done a little work to try to improve this situation, you will now find the latest up to date information for plugin ecus is available on our website on the respective ECU page.  At times it may be more up to date than the printed one that is included with the ECU or the info within the PC Link help file.

Still I realise its not as nice a solution as Mapper proposed but it is the best we can due to the multiple shipping warehouses (sometimes 3rd party) around the world. 


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13 minutes ago, StuM said:

I get an Error 404 not found when trying to download the Evo 4-8 manual off that page?

Hmmm, you are right.  It was working earlier today as I tested that very link before I posted.  I will take another look tomorrow.

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