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pressure sensor wiring

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These are not great sensors for aftermarket ECU's/loggers that have 0-5V inputs.  Because of the low resistance you also need a low value pull up resistor to get a reasonable voltage range out of it, but that makes it burn a heap of power so you have to compromise.  The ECU only has a limited amount of 5V power to power all attached sensors.

I would use a 200ohm pullup resistor which will give you about a 0.4-2.4V signal to the ecu.



If you give us a link to the data sheet or calibration data for your sensor I will show you how to do the Cal in the ecu.

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On 12/11/2017 at 4:55 AM, Woody said:

Hi , sorry for crashing the post  , would this work with a LS1 oil pressure sensor.


Cheers Keith

A quick google suggests the LS1 oil pressure sensor is a 3 wire unit.  It will most likely be a linear 0-5V output, you will not need a pull-up or calibration table like the VDO sensor in this thread subject.

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