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Hello, my first post,

Im interested to get the link ecu g4+ monsoon from local dealer. My concern is, one dealer said that the link ecu product mentioned are not compatible with my car as my car is automatic transmission as it will mess with gear shifting, while another dealer said it is compatible. 

Appreciate for any answer on this matter before i jump to either link ecu or other alternatives. 


My car is

Honda Accord euro cl7 2.0 AT 2005. (K20a6)

Mods: RBC intake

Planned mods before ecu tuning : k24 swap






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This is not a model I know well but as a general rule in a reasonably modern car like this you will have issues integrating with an auto trans.  It will likely need some sort of torque reduction for gear shifts and the ECU possibly also looks after converter lock up etc.  You would probably be better looking at reflash solutions like Ktuner etc.


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22 hours ago, ClintBHP said:

We run Monsoons as a Piggy Back ECU leaving the OE ECU in the car and then take control of engine functions with the Monsoon.

Talk to the dealer who said they can do it as to their method, piggy back solutions work can very well.

Thanks. Will check with them. 

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