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coil on plug conversion

neil brown

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hi guys

looking to convert my subaru ver 4 to coil on plug away from centre coil for better spark and more boost :)

my g4 storm ecu (wire in) on ver3-4 config has ign dwell against battery voltage, when looking to use ver7 onwards coil on plugs using jti loom coversion and looked at ver5 onwards

the dwell times have battery voltage against rpm


what the best dwell settings to use on wrx coil on plugs as only have 1 dwell colum on the ver 3-4 configuration as cant go indivial from ecu as using other ign outputs for cooling fan and intercooler water spray activation


thanks neil

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Sorry I missed your earlier post.  You can set the dwell table to have whatever you want on the axes.  If the V7 base map has the setup you want to run then just open that map, right click on the dwell table, select import/export>export to clipboard.  Then open your map, go to dwell table, right click, select import/export>import from clipboard.  Store before shutting down.

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