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Link identification !!


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That there is a G1 Linkplus to suit a 60-2 trigger wheel reluctor on a 4 cylinder application.

The manual can be found http://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2537

I also suspect that is not a functional unit as there are two resistors missing on the main power supply input so would be very surprised if it functions at all.

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They are 2R2 1watt resistors generally when these are burnt out it indicates another issue, the most common is the unit has been over voltage.

Generally there will be other damage that as caused the excessive current draw.


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Sequential is not really worth the worry as the ECU reverts to group fire above idle.

I would just do a reload and then check timing. (switches on subboard adjust timing. The more on the more retard.)

Then adjust master to get a suitable level of fuel at idle and then tune from there.

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Gap is the 2 teeth that are removed resulting in a wheel with 58 teeth and 2 missing.

The tooth after the gap should go past the sensor at 60deg before TDC #1

The Dip switches are then used to fine tune the base timing

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