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ECU upgrade

Matt Dunn

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Hi I have a question ,

I currently have a LINK G4+ storm blue in my car but,

but really want to have some more inputs and outputs as want to add some more features.

I was looking at changing to the Storm Black, but I run traction control in my race car

and it appears that the new Storm Black does not have that feature?

Is that correct.?

Other option is we are also building another car, so I could put my current blue storm into that as that car will be more basic,

and would have to go for the Black Extreme G4+ into my car.

Other than having to fit an external map sensor, what else would I have to change?

Are the A plug the same wiring between the Blue Storm  and the Black Extreme?

Can I load the map from one to the other?




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Traction Control is not available on the new Storm.

The A Plug is the same with the caveat that ANvolt2 and DI3 are fixed and cannot be used for DI4 and Knock both of which are now available on the second B connector.

You can connect the old G4 to the new G4+ software and save the map then download it to the new storm, you will need to recheck all sensors and calibrations but in my experience it pretty much works out the box.

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Kind of answered the question,


Can I load the Map from a G4+ Storm into a G4+ Extreme.

Obviously I will have to change the settings for the extra inputs/ouputs that the new ECU will have,

but is it as simple as connecting to the extreme and then opening the map from the storm and then doing a store?

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Hi Matt,

Yes, the maps are interchangeable between all our G4+ ecu's.  As you say it is just a matter of making sure any extra I/O are assigned correctly.  The only thing I have seen go wrong before is the P&H injector settings so make sure after loading you check all those are set correctly on the drives you are using for injectors.

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