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ASNU Short Pulsewidth Adder

Grant Baker

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I took a quick look at their data and although the data is there (they call it linear deviation), the numbers they quote are so crazy I dont believe it.  I think you will get a better result by leaving the SPWA table set to zero.  Unless im completely missing something in the way the data is presented to me it looks like they are showing you would have to remove 60% pulsewidth at 1.4 ms?


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It took me ages to get SPAT figures from ASNU for there 1300cc injectors, u would have more luck talking to the guys at FIC as they are the same injectors. 

I would also double check there supplied dead time values as mine were way off. 

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I set up an injector test bench to get a rough figure of SPAT and deadlines then used a digital power supply while driving to set the dead times. From the new dead times I tweaked the SPAT to get a flatter fuel map. 

Is your injectors the 90/1100 with the diffuser plate? Mine are the 90/1300 but I run at 4 bar as the spray pattern in better.



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