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RX7 S7/S8 PNP Ignition Channels For Leading and Trailing ETC


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I've got an FD rx7 with a PNP g4+ ecu and I'm struggling to find which ignition channel correlates to which spark plug. I have the following information of the stock configuration but need to know which between IGN 1 and IGN 4 which one is Leading Front and Leading Rear. I would assume Ignition 4 automatically becomes Leading rear? But dont want to risk any engine damage. 

IGN 1 = Leading Plugs (Pin 4AN

IGN 2 = Trailing Rear (Pin 4AJ)

IGN 3 = Trailing Front (Pin 4AF)

IGN 4 = AC Clutch (is now wired to coilpack 4 for direct fire) (Pin 4i)

IGN 5 = Expansion Loom set to AC Clutch. 

Hopefully someone can help or can give me an idea on how to figure it out myself!

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Wow I feel stupid! I was looking for this for ages and I completely missed the "Rotary Engine Wiring" sub categorie!


I assume where it says "ignitors must be wired do not wire coils directly to ecu" doesnt apply to coilpacks with internal ignitors such as LS1 etc. 


Thanks so much, saved me many head aches. 

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