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Hello Guys,

I'm new in the LinkECU world.

I used for a long time Haltech products (ECUs and CAN modules)

The Haltech CAN Hub is very easy and fast way to connect CAN devices...there is a chance to use the CAN Hub with G4+ Fury and others CAN expansion modules? Like wideband controller, I/O expander, EGT controller etc etc ?



Best regards 

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I think the reason they do a CAN hub is probably because most of their devices come pre-terminated "plug and play".  We dont do that so much and most feedback seems to suggest the flexibility is prefered.    A CAN bus doesnt need a "hub", the whole system was designed to be a main "trunk" that the devices can just splice into parallel anywhere along the line.  A $200 hub is just a very expensive way to splice two wires into 4...  But the Haltech hub should work with any bodies  CAN bus including Link if you really want to pay that much.



I've never used these yet but I've noticed recently you can also get CAN bus specific DTM connectors including "splitter hubs" and terminating caps which could be a nice way to do it if you wanted easy expandability:



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Yes...you right...the Haltech CAN Hub is a little bit expensive...but this solution with 4 pin is very useful because all devices connected to the Hub is automatic powered up too.

Imho this solution produce a clean wiring harness and a very easy extendable platform :)


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9 hours ago, boomtheroom said:

So for easy installation I can use a Haltech Can hub ,plug directly into my link plug and play G4+Ecu and then used haltech CAN devices?

The Haltech CAN hub is just a dumb device used to connect the branches together.  Basically the same functionality as one of these special hub devices:



So, yes you can use it to connect any CAN devices to the CAN bus, but you will still need to program the ECU to understand the Haltech devices language.  Last time I checked they wouldnt give it out.  So I suggest you stick to the CAN devices that are covered in the help file (you can still use the CAN hub though).


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6 hours ago, Richard Hill said:

The way I do it is to crimp a resistor in with the deutsche terminals under the rubber boot (at the can lambda end) .  This gives the resistor a bit of weatherproofing. 



So it needs to be done then? chant be just connected as is?

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