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idle control issues


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hi im wondering if anyone has had similar issues with their idle speed control 

It doesnt work....

Its a 3 pin bmw e36 valve, using a power probe ive tested the full operation off the car and it opens and shuts perfectly . ive wired it with a common 12v and wired the other two pins to Aux1-2 with the close on 1 set to "sol slave" and the open to Aux2 set to "Sol" as instructed but it doesnt fuction . 

if i run and output test on aux 1 or 2 the valve does operate 

Fury g4+ ecu 


regards chris  

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You will get better help here if you were to post a calibration file with the question.

But I just recently ran into a similar predicament.  Check that your max and min clamps on the idle tab are set to reasonable values.  The base cal in the atom I installed this past week had the max clamp at 12ish and it wouldn't operate.

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ill adjust that lockout good spot , im getting speed off a driven wheel but had to tell it it was non driven so i got the speed via can to the dash2 . i will add a non driven after its fully tuned so i can set a decent 2 step up 


ill fill you in on this ....

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Change your aux 2 frequency to 200Hz.  I tested your map on the bench and it is working fine for me (even without the driven wheel speed setup).  A special note about those Bosch valves is the min clamp needs to be 10-15%, fully closed is usually around 10%DC, if you reduce the DC below this the valve actually starts to open again. 

Some notes from the help file about setting these up (basically same as the 2 wire):


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