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LS3 cam sensor


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I just wired a Storm to a LS3, but cam signal is dead, about 1,8V all the time. Crank is fine. We suspected the cam sensor was dead, and tried another one they had and still the same...

I just wired in a GT101 and all ok. Engine started right up. I suspect that the sensor pinout I found is wrong, or both sensors are dead, which is unlikely...?

Anyone have a 100% correct LS3 cam sensor pinout they want to share with me, as I would prefer to use the oem sensor?


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The pinout in our help file for the 58X sensor below is opposite to what Stevieturbo's diagram shows.  I think his might be for the <2006 black 24X sensor, the 58X sensor should be grey.  After testing, can you confirm which is right so I can correct our notes if they are wrong.


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I have them wired as per Stevieturbo`s diagram as it was the on I found on the web. I will try your pinout Adam, but the LS3 isnt listed in the text. Your wiring recommends +5V, Stevies +12V. Why are you using +5V? GM says 12V for their sensors.

Btw I have the Grey sensor.

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In most cases I dont think the power supply is critical


I know when I tested my LS2/3 sensor on the bench I was using either a 5v supply or 9v battery...cant recall which as it was a few years ago but I know it worked fine.


On the car I did use a 12v feed though. Output is still a 5v switch though.


But test, it's easy and only takes a few mins swapping wires.


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