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I have a Aem UGO Wideband that is currently setup on ANVolt 4 it is currently working but it reading only Lambda.

I have all my settings to read AFR on both metric and Imperial but it still Reads Lambda/sensor Volt  in my logs

I have the Gauge setup per instructions and still no luck. 

Any help would be Great

Thanks, Devin

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A couple of possibilities.

  1. As Ducie54 says, if you are using flex fuel (multifuel mode) we only let you use Lambda, this is because AFR is not going to make much sense to anyone when the fuel stoichiometric ratio is variable.
  2. Another common thing I see is where a user chooses the wrong parameter for their gauge or display.  If for instance you use parameter "AN Volt 4 - Lambda 1", instead of just "Lambda 1", the unit conversion wont work.


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