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Aim MXS Strada Dash disconnecting


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I have just wired up a brand new Aim MXS Strada 1.2 to my Link G4+ Xtreme. I have set the canbus settings as shown in the Link Help files on both the ECU and Dash.

The dash will receive a signal from the ECU for a minute or so and then it will disconnect. If i go into the CANBUS settings on the ECU software then click 'Apply' it will reconnect again for around a minute or so. I set TPS as one of the readings on the dash so i know when its just about to disconnect as the readings will stop then go blank. I havent run the engine yet, this is just with the key switched to the 'ON' position.

I have 2 AEM Widebands working through CANBUS that have been fine before this, so not sure what the problem could be?

Any ideas?

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With multiple devices on the bus make sure all are on separate IDs and are all operating at the same speed. 

The Dash has the option of having a terminating resistor in circuit or not. Make sure dash is on the end of the bus and terminating resistor  is on and no other devices have a terminating resistor.


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Actually after looking at the manual, it looks like you cant change the bit rate on the AEM wideband devices so it will be best to change the dash.  In the Link ECU CAN settings, set the bitrate to 500Kbit.  In race studio 3, dash configuration, change the "ECU model" to "500 BASE LCC"

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