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The car is an EVO 9 with mivec, and ecu plug and play G4 without electronic throtte and worked properly before the upgrade was done.

After performing the update, when the car is switched off the stepper motor starts beating non-stop during the ECU HOLD POWER period.
That way when I reconnect the engine the same works with the idle at around 3200 to 3500 rpms. After some time or if I turn the car on and off again the idle is normal around 950 rpms.
Someone has noticed this malfunction of the IAC (stepper motor) o.e.m.
Can I go back to the old G4 + Firmware Version - 08/15/2018
Thank you in advance.
Would you like to comment :
In the G4 forum on the topic, When electric fans kicked off on rpm drops, I made some comments in an attempt to help.
Nobody answers anything else and also you do not know if you helped or not, I think it's important that I think a return ?????
sorry about my English

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