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2JZ Electric Power Steering Pump


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Hi Guys,

i have a 2JZ-GTE swapped Altezza running a Link G4+ Fury and i am looking to run an MR2 electric power steering pump. i have talked to my certifier and he will not allow it to be directly plugged into a power supply as it must go through a 'controller' so that the pump is in a 'controlled environment'. which after some reading is it possible to use my Fury to control this in any way? obviously my gearbox speed sensor is plugged into the ecu aswell as my seperate sensors on my wheels, would the link fury pick this up and be able to control the pump? hopefully this helps.





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Man that sounds a bit odd, the MR2 power steer units have their own controller built in dont they?  As far as I have seen they only have a VSS input to adjust the amount of assist relative to speed.  With no VSS input I think they just do max assist at all times.

What does the certifier want - variable assist based on speed, or does he want the pump to actually turn off under some conditions?

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The pumps come with a controller. I cant remember if its inbuilt or in a separate module right next to the pump but there is certainly a controller, it takes in voltage, ground, vss, and a signal the toyota manuals call PSCT which as far as I can figure stands for Power Steer Cutout.

I've got an SW20 mr2 wired up to a fury and have it so the main power feed to the steering is via the factory relay (which may count as a "controller" anyway in that its not direct battery fed/not fed when key is off), plus a factory VSS input from the dash, plus I have the PSCT wire hooked up to the ECU and configured as below


This means it doesnt provide assist when the engine is off, or above 20kph (the idea is to have it behave as a manual rack at anything above carpark speeds). Works a treat, and you can demo to the certifier that it must be "controlled" by switching that aux on/off in front of him and having the assist cut out. Only minor gremlin is that because of the way link ECU's seem to bring the outputs online, it very briefly ground's that output and applies assist at key on (for a fraction of a second) and you can hear the pump power up then down again. If this was deal breaker it would be simple enough to wire the aux out to a relay instead of straight to the controller

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I have ran a MR2 pump for about 5 years now, I dont use the factory controller which I do have, it is not built in to the pump assembly.  I simply use the factory relay to turn it on and several large resistors (radiator fan type) to slow the motor down to a reasonable speed to save current draw and motor life, works fine no problems, enough assist in parking lots (your not going to one finger it with this setup) but not too much on the highway.

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